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Peeling process is about the removal of outer surface of bars by means of rotating tools and in the process all surface defect of the bars is removed. Furtherthrough center-less Grinding, silvery bright finish is achieved. Surface defects can be deeper and proportional to the diameter of Bars.

Ground Bars produced in the forms of Cold Drawn Bars as well as Spheroids Annealed varieties.

JSG ensures best and safest packaging of its products and also Just-in-Time deliveries to its customers.

Size We Produce
  • Peeled – 16 mm to 60 mm diameter
  • Ground – 5 mm to 60 mm diameter
  • Peeled: h – 10
  • Ground: h – 8, 9, 10 & 11
Supply Condition
  • Cold Drawn & Spheroid Annealed